Cedar Creek Waterway Development - Abilene, Texas
Cedar Creek Waterway - Abilene, Texas


Cedar Creek Waterway

Economic Impacts

Now imagine what such a landmark improvement to our landscape would do for the redevelopment of the areas that border Cedar Creek. Rehabilitated housing and new homes would spring up to be near the water and the parks. Restaurants with patio views of ponds with waterfalls and fountains. Businesses whose workers do lunch on a bike trail or picnic next to a waterfall. This is the kind of economic development that begets more economic development.

Fort Phantom Lake could be rejuvenated with regular inflows of recycled water that has been scrubbed and polished by the 12 plus mile trek from Kirby. Recycled effluent water is cleaner than the water that flows down our creeks now.

The World Health Organization estimates that half the world’s population will be impacted by water scarcity by 2025....

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Let's Build an Oasis in Abilene, Texas

Cedar Creek Waterway Development