Cedar Creek Waterway Development - Abilene, Texas
Cedar Creek Waterway - Abilene, Texas

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Imagine a series of trails...

...that run from Kirby Lake on the south of town all the way to Fort Phantom Lake on the north in Abilene, Texas. 12 miles as the crow flies, but the combined park spaces and trails would be much longer as they wind along the waterway of what is now called Cedar Creek.

Imagine a greenbelt of trails and parks down the center of Abilene.

Amazingly, that vision has already been planned. It’s all in the Abilene Parks Master Plan that was completed in 2008 after years of public study. But wait! Now imagine adding water to the Cedar Creek parks and trails plan. Think Concho River Park in San Angelo.

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Let's Build an Oasis in Abilene, Texas

This website contains the grand vision. It’s all feasible and to achieve it will take time and money. As we all know, the City of Abilene’s budget is very tight, but the City has experts who can get all the water recycling permit processes going and dig in to the planning required for a project of this scale. Meanwhile, the Citizens of Abilene can start working together to blaze a trail for the vision by creating a usable hike and bike trail right away. A little clean up and a few trail markers are all we need to start hiking and biking a significant mile and a half stretch of the trail between South 11th and North 10th.

Start with 2 million gallons per day....

Cedar Creek Waterway Development