Cedar Creek Waterway Development - Abilene, Texas
Cedar Creek Waterway - Abilene, Texas


Cedar Creek Waterway

Building Momentum

Getting Citizens together to hike a mile down Cedar Creek is a critical first step. Once they see the potential the next steps can happen quickly. A Phase One objective is to have a usable “unimproved” hike and bike trail marked and most of the litter cleared out along the initial Citizens Trail from two southern trailheads at Cal Young Park and at the Bridge where South 11th crosses Cedar Creek to a northern trailhead at either Reyes-Flores Park or Stevenson Park at North 7th and a short extension beyond to North 10th. This extension’s purpose is to intersect with a high visibility traffic flow on North 10th. With people using the trail, enthusiasm will build for improving it and extending it.

While the City continues to pursue adding recycled water to the vision, the Citizens can work together to create a trail system down Cedar Creek that could easily contain two trails: the first “unimproved” for hiking and mountain biking, the second “improved” and smoothed for walking, jogging and road biking. With a few donated yards of concrete and volunteer labor, several stretches of the creek could be made fit for shallow water kayaking. Together, the people of Abilene can build a landmark greenbelt recreation area from one end of town to the other that everyone can use, take pride in, and that will transform Abilene’s landscape.


Donate today to help fund the ongoing efforts to secure access to and development of important land along the Creek and fund the Design of the Cedar Creek Waterway by Hargreaves Associates, the most experienced major landscape/waterfront design firm in the world. See examples of their projects for the London Olympics, Trinity River Corridor in Dallas, Discovery Green in Houston, Xochimilco Master Plan in Mexico City and many more at www.hargreaves.com. Be sure to click on "Projects" to tour examples.

How to get involved....

You can also help by contacting your City Council members and expressing your support and excitement about the waterway, and ask the council members to support the project as well.

Mayor Norm Archibald 670-2203 norm.archibald@abilenetx.com
Shane Price 676-0646 shane.price@abilenetx.com
Anthony Williams 674-2335 anthony.williams@abilenetx.com
Kyle McAlister 668-5694 kyle.mcalister@abilenetx.com
Steve Savage 201-4100 steve.savage@abilenetx.com
Joe Spano 695-7080 joe.spano@abilenetx.com
Jay Hardaway 665-0551 jay.hardaway@abilenetx.com

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Cedar Creek Waterway Development