Cedar Creek Waterway Development - Abilene, Texas
Cedar Creek Waterway - Abilene, Texas


Cedar Creek Waterway

Where will the water come from?

Start with 2 million gallons per day. The pipeline that carries recycled water to Kirby Lake has capacity for almost 1.5 billion gallons per year. It already carries up to 4 million gallons per day during high usage season that is distributed through designated irrigation lines to colleges, Dyess and golf courses. Now imagine sending 2 million gallons (or more) over the Kirby spillway into Cedar Creek. Flowing water from Lake Kirby would wind its way into freshwater ponds and a whole series of small retention dams with waterfalls and fountains. Once those ponds and dams are full, it won’t take much flowing water to sustain the waterfalls and flowing current between them. People of all ages will be able to hike or bike or jog down a trail alongside a waterway winding its way from pond to pond, park to park. Cedar Creek already winds through 4 existing city parks.

What if at scheduled times, a volume of water was released from Kirby Lake to provide brisk, running water on certain stretches of Cedar Creek? Kayaking is a fast-growing sport because the boats are affordable and they burn lots of calories instead of gas. Think ponds with picnic areas, waterfalls and aeration fountains like at the Nelson Park Zoo lake or ACU’s pond on Judge Ely. A landmark oasis running down the center of Abilene for over 12 miles, redefining the image of Abilene as a city with the vision to recycle our water and the community spirit to provide recreation spaces for all walks, runs and paddles of life. Think Town Lake Park in Austin. Think Cedar Creek Waterway in Abilene.

Now imagine what such a landmark improvement to our landscape would do...

The vision includes...



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Let's Build an Oasis in Abilene, Texas

Cedar Creek Waterway Development