Cedar Creek Waterway Development - Abilene, Texas
Cedar Creek Waterway - Abilene, Texas


Cedar Creek Waterway

Becoming a Leader in Water Recycling

The World Health Organization estimates that half the world’s population, over 3 billion people will be impacted by water scarcity by 2025, only 13 years from now. Water demand is continually increasing while water supply is decreasing. Water is the only natural resource with no substitute. As a practical matter, Abilene is in a permanent state of water rationing. We don’t have water to waste. Recycling water is not only sensible, it’s inevitable. So why not have Abilene gain the stature of being a leader in water recycling?

Why not use our water to transform Abilene’s landscape, provide great new recreation spaces, redefine Abilene’s image and help reinvent our economy? Let’s work together on a landmark improvement to Abilene that will benefit the entire community. Let’s build an oasis in Abilene.

Getting Citizens together to hike a mile down Cedar Creek is a critical first step...

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Let's Build an Oasis in Abilene, Texas

Cedar Creek Waterway Development